Commercial Cars

Since 1961, Carry has become an icon in many countries around the world as a compact truck designed to handle tough jobs. The key to Carry’s success is simple: Be tough and be strong.

Maximum loading capacity is one of the most important factors in a work vehicle. With an increased maximum cargo weight and a larger bed, the all-new Carry is made for hard work. The low bed height and access from three sides makes loading and unloading easier.

The all-new Carry is equipped to be tough. Even on rough or flooded roads, protection against rust and corrosion, and high ground clearance make it a trusted partner for working in harsh conditions. The new front and rear suspension and a heavy-duty differential add to the all-around toughness.

The interior of the all-new Carry has been completely rethought out to offer comfort for passengers, including a wide cabin and ample storage compartments. Convenient features and mechanical advancements such as a sliding seat and a smooth clutch make driving more comfortable.

As a work vehicle, performance on the all-new Carry is a high priority. From a high-power, high-fuel efficient 1.5-litre engine to advanced safety features such as anti-lock braking, the all-new Carry is loaded with impressive performance enhancements that also make the drive more comfortable.

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